Thailand Interior Design provides a professional interior design and renovation service in Bangkok, Thailand. Our interior designers speak both Thai and English. We welcome your enquiry and look forward to assisting you. The team have been carrying out interior design for over 15 years and some of our works, have featured in magazines. Our renovation team has 20 years experience in renovation.

The range of interior design includes condominiums, houses, luxury villas, hotels, resorts, shops, bars, restaurants and offices. We are here to assist you every step of the way, supplying you with new and exciting ideas. Contact us for further advice and help.

Guarantee & Insurance
We guarantee all our renovation and construction works and also take out insurance on every renovation job we do. This provides much needed security and peace of mind for the customer.

Happy Customers
We can work with you to create new spaces, develop new rooms and breath fresh life into your home. Our primary goal is a happy customer with a fabulous place to live. From floor coverings, wall decoration, built in furniture, lights and bathrooms. We also can also assist with the kitchen layout design and liaise with the chosen kitchen company.

Smart Home Systems
We have a smart home systems expert who can help you with home automation. This can include smart lighting systems, home theater, video security systems, temperature control and central monitoring. We have worked in many of the Bangkok condominium developments throughout the years and can provide a variety of interior design styles.

Bangkok Condo Renovation. One Stop Service: Design to Completion.
At the end of the interior design process, you will have full professional design drawings, built in furniture detail drawings, lighting layout and material choices. Once it is completed, if you would like us to and we have a team available, we can also assist with the physical interior construction works. So a complete one stop service including all the remodeling and renovation.

The renovation team has 20 years experience and is highly adept at renovation of condo’s, houses, hotels and offices. This includes highly skilled cabinet makers for both loose furniture and built in furniture. The team can do it all. For Bangkok renovation please contact us here.

If your property is overseas, we are also experienced in dealing with international clients who require interior design. Thank you so much for coming to our web site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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