Bangkok Renovation Disclaimer

We would like our clients to know and anyone who seeks information regarding building contractors and renovation in Bangkok, that we offer an information service in this respect. Thailand Interior Design and anyone connected to this web site, the owners of the web site , or any person communicating from this web site and its email addresses, waiver any and all responsibility for any information provided to clients in reference to renovation contractors, individuals, persons, construction contractors and/or builders; and cannot and will not be held accountable in anyway by the client, legally, financially or otherwise, and/or by the person who asks us for the information. We are an interior design service and provide design only; and only take responsibility for actual interior design works the owners of this web site have signed a written contract with a client for, or signed a legally binding agreemnt with. If no written contract or legally binding signed, written, interior design agreement is signed by the owners of this web site, then naturally the web site, or anyone connected to it, or any person communicating on its behalf or the owners themselves, can be held accountable in any way at all. We care only accouuntable for projects or works the owner of this web site has signed and there is a written agreemnt signed by the owner of this web site wiht you the client.

However in regards to any suggestions we make and/or information we supply you about Bangkok builders, persons who may be able to assist you, other designers, Bangkok renovation companies and/or Bangkok construction contractors is to be helpful to you. We would ask you to please make your own decisions, do your own due dilligence and choices based on your discussions with them. Decide yourselves who you wish to contract to do the construction works, renovation or building works. We can only with good will offer suggestions and then you can take that information and make your own choice. We are not accountable for your decisions or choices of who you work with. Thank you for understanding this.

If you are using our Furniture purchasing and selection service please read the separate disclaimer below.

Furniture Selection and Furniture Purchase Disclaimer

If the client agrees to the service by paying for it, both client and Thailand Interior Design are in agreement and fully understand that: As per all our furniture assistance services, Thailand Interior Design.com offer no guarantees on any products you purchase. Any guarantee you receive if it is available and given, is what is provided to you as standard by the supplier company. All purchases made and all products bought are the clients (your) sole decision and responsibility. All transactions between the supplier/seller and the client (yourself) are between those two parties and are not in any way the responsibility of Thailand Interior Design.com.

Thailand Interior Design.com waiver any responsibility or accountability, for any transactions between the client and the supplier. Thailand Interior Design.com do not guarantee discounts or guarantee they are available; nor do they guarantee any aspect of the product purchased or the supplier’s service. All final decisions and responsibilities and/or accountability for any products purchased are the clients (yours).

Thailand Interior Design.com cannot be held responsible and/or accountable in any way whatsoever at any time, for the product the client (you) chooses and/or purchases, nor can they be held responsible and/or accountable for the products condition, its quality, its delivery, the supplier, the suppliers service or any aspect in regards to the product purchased or the supplier. Thailand Interior Design.com’s service is an assistance service only to take the client to various suppliers/shops, assist the client with translation, offer any help or guidance (if we can) on our personal preferences on colour or style and try to obtain discounts if they are available. Any quality issues, guarantees or problems with the products the clients purchase, or any problems with the supplier or seller and/or their service, must be directed to the supplier direct by the client (you), not Thailand Interior Design.com. Thailand Interior Design.com offer a furniture buying service that starts when the client is taken to the suppliers and stops once the product has been chosen and delivery organised at the suppliers. Any further assistance would be discussed and a price given to help with any further negotiation or help required.

The client is paying for a service and that service to take the client to various shops and/or manufacturers to look at products and furniture with the intent to choose and/or purchase. If the client cannot make any decisions or does not buy any furniture/products, that is not the fault of Thailand Interior Design.com’s fault. The client fully understands, accepts and agrees that any monies paid to Thailand Interior Design.com are non refundable and the client cannot and will not ask for their money back or ask for any refund whatsoever. The monies paid for Thailand Interior Design are paid to take the client shopping only and if the client makes no decisions, chooses no products or furniture or buys nothing, that is not the fault of Thailand Interior Design.com. The service is taking them , helping them and guiding them to various stores and shops. Any decisions, choices and purchases are the full and sole responsibility of the client.