Thailand Interior Design offers a wide and varied array of design styles. It includes contemporary, Thai, Balinese, loft, modern, tropical, minimalist, industrial, classical and traditional  The choices are yours to make and we are here to offer ideas and help develop yours. It maybe you have a preference for contemporary clean lines, sparse furnishings and simple colours; or maybe you like the more, sumptuous elegance of traditional, classical design. Over the years we have learned that everyone has their own tastes and personal preferences, so it is our job to assist you achieve them.

If you have an older property we can easily refresh it with bright new colours and modern amenities. If you have a new property, but want to add your own style we can do that too. Whatever the style or image you wish to achieve we can do it. Our designers all have varied creative abilities and we can produce a remarkable result; from the pure luxury of 5 star hotels to the more simple loft style condominiums.

If you would like to talk to us about  interior design and renovation of your home, please contact us here.