Do you need help buying  and choosing your furniture and appliances in Thailand ? If you do, we can help.

Do you need an interior designer who speaks English, to  help with choosing specific loose furniture ? If so, we can help.

Maybe you have just purchased a condominium or new house. Maybe you work overseas, or maybe you need to source furniture in Thailand. As interior designers we have a large database of potential loose furniture and can offer suggestions to you.

Secret to Buying & Discounts
Furnishing your new home or office can be difficult and frustrating if you do not speak Thai, or do not know where to go. It can also be expensive if you do not know how best to acquire any potential discounts. Or maybe you would like some help in choosing particular styles or colours. The secret to buying furniture in Thailand is to know where to go, how best to buy and how to get the discounts that can be available; Discounts that you may not know about, or be able to acquire yourself without assistance. Let us help you make some choices.

Added Potential Bonus !
As an additional bonus, you may be able get back our furniture assistance fee, in the discounts we may acquire for you. Naturally there is no guarantee, as discounts depend on specific furniture, how much is spent, and the specific supplier you buy from. Some suppliers give discount, some do not and much depends on timing and what specifically you are buying. However we do try our best to obtain a discount if available. Discounts you probably may never have got on your own. So the whole service can end up costing you nothing !

Contact Us Now
So if you are looking for loose furniture assistance and would like to have help, why not let us help you. Please contact us now for our furniture buying package. We will reply as quickly as possible. Thank you.

If you are considering using our furniture package it may be informative and helpful to read our standard disclaimer. Please click here to read the disclaimer.

Please note: The Furniture buying and shopping assistance is a non refundable service. Any monies paid to us, by you, are for the personal service of our interior designers professional suggestions and ideas. Once you have asked and paid for the service and we have given ideas, offered suggestions; then we have already provided you that service. The client cannot ask for a refund after using the service of our interior designers. By using the service you are agreeing to this.