Thailand Interior Design is very pleased with the condo renovation at Siri On 8.  The client is happy as works are almost completed and we are currently 3 weeks ahead of schedule. All the electrics are completed, sanitary and plumbing done, floors ready for final coat of stain, custom made built in wooden furniture completed, final decoration soon to start. Then we assist liaising with the kitchen design and installation company. The apartment is 90 square metres, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living area.

Our client came to us and spoke with our interior designer and over several months we worked with him to do all interior design concepts, ideas, drawings, and renders. Once finished, he asked us to assist with the remodel of the condominium. The renovation was for the kitchen, re-painting, drapes, lighting and built in furniture. Plus the renovation of the balcony sun deck with decoration and installation of a deck. We will finish the project with a complete check of all water systems, electrics and overhaul/cleaning of air con.

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