Don’t Wait. Be Amazed and Convert your Home into Something Special !
Are you looking for a Bangkok interior designer ? If you are living in Bangkok and own an older condo, shop house or want to freshen up your apartment with a new look; you are not alone. There are many residents of Bangkok who have imagined what it would be like to transform their homes into something completely different and new. Fashions change and so do we. A whole new look to our home, just like a set of new clothes, breathes fresh life into the property and fills us with a bright new outlook. It is fairly easy to do and with the right design guidance can prove extremely rewarding. contact us now for further help.

Proven Results- The Secrets of Change
Maybe you have watched the many TV programs, where celebrity builders change a person’s life, by converting their old property; and I am sure we have all seen the amazing difference it makes to that person’s life; as well as potentially increasing the value of the property. Fresh new colours, brand new tiled bathrooms, warm, smooth to touch wooden flooring, new ceilings and a sparkling new kitchen; certainly enough to alter anyone’s frame of mind and bring joy to all who live there. Bangkok has hundreds of thousands of condominiums and many are just waiting to have their fresh new appearance.

There is no doubt from all the research done, that a change in one’s living environment has a dramatic effect on our psychological state. Colour has an effect and so too does the feel of new surroundings. So is it no wonder that many of Bangkok’s residents are now turning to renovating and remodeling their condominiums and refurbishing their shop houses.

Transform Your Life Style
There are so many great condo buildings and wonderful shop houses in Bangkok; and with the right design guidance can so easily be turned into something superb. Interior fashions change and kitchens get old, paint discolours and bathrooms need updating. There is fantastic value in converting an older condo or shop house. Maybe you want to make two rooms into one, lay wooden flooring, install the latest spa baths, add luxury shower cubicles, have new built in cupboards made and change the whole look to something more contemporary. Whatever it is, most things are possible and you can easily transform your Bangkok property into a something unique.

In Only 3-4 Months Your Life Style Can Change!
In a matter of only 3-4 months you can dramatically alter your home and indirectly change the way you feel about living in general. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes less; all depends on size and what it is you wish to do. Have you ever wished you could sink into a brand new comfortable bath tub or relax under a super new rain shower; watch the steam slowly cloud over your opulent new tiles, or take a nap in your spacious new living room with wooden floors and state of the art air conditioners……..there is so much you can do and the choices are all yours to make. Why not start the journey and contact us and see just how fabulous your home can look.

Condo Interior Design and Renovation – Client Testamonial

Here is the testamonial of one client who did ask Thailand Interior Design to help him do interior design and remodel his condo.

Quality at every stage of the process !

“As a global traveler and busy expat, I had longed to find a condo in Bangkok to remodel for my retirement years. I had a vision for my condo and that required a full gut, redesign, and installation of all new finishes, flooring, mill work, and bathrooms. The Thailand interior design team came highly regarded and after a few emails, phone calls and in person exchanges, I knew I had found my firm. The design team was able to masterfully turn my ideas and vision into workable drawings, they were effective in managing the unexpected, and demolition and construction were on schedule and on budget! We were able to communicate real time across the globe and that was a terrific added benefit. The end product is a very well constructed, tranquil oasis that makes me smile every time I walk through the door. Look no further – Thailand interior designer team is only choice you need to make!”Steven A. Matarelli